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    Intro  |  Rules and Score
    Let's get ready to RUMBLE ...
    This game has its roots in the mighty Orc-Clan of the Severed Heads Orcs [Orc] based in Yew - Yew Orc Fort / Nohkmar - on the Europa Shard. All credits and the idea belongs to them.

    The Game

    'Rat in a Jar' is a very violent and bloodthirsdy game - nothing else could be expected from Orcs I guess ...
    The aim of this game is to
    carry the 'Rat in a Jar' behind the goal-line (red boxes) into the goal (stairs) of the other team to make a score.
    The Jar can only be captured by eliminating the opposing 'Pawn' who is carrying it. Also a basic for the successful conquest is fast looting the Jar for sure.

    Each team needs at least 3 (up to 6) members. - One will be the 'Goly', others are 'Pawns'.
    The 'Pawns' are not allowed to carry any armour and only can use 1-handed weapons, neither are they allowed to do any healing. The 'Goalkeeper' can wear full AR, so he can also use any combination of shield and weapon. The 'Goly' is the only member of the team who is allowed to do bandage-healing (to himself and his team).

    The Court is located in the very north-west of Yew (south of the Prison) in Felucca.

    The Court of Truth