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    There was a time when the gods decided, that more cities are needed and more houses must be build. So they sent us into a new land, to explore it and let towns grow up. We listened well and waited with excitement for the promised holy land.
    When we were allowed to leave Sosaria and travelled to the new lands, we did what us was told and towns grow up in less than 7 days *grins*.

    Also my young sister went there and found a nice little clearing not far from Britain and decided to build up a huge tower, which seemed to fit best without harming those trees.
    As soon as she finished her work, roses sprouted out of the walls and this event gave her new home a name. The
    Tower Of Roses was born, so was the Clearing which let the Roses sprout - Clearose .

    By the time it got cold in that huge tower and nights got even colder. Her brothers and sisters continued to explore the land and travelled back to Sosaria after some time, 'cause their homes were there and their family and friends too.
    To escape this loneliness she asked her brother - a known Smith - to make her some weapons and armour, which should sell quite well in this unexplored land and might attract some people to get in contact with. A contract of employment was made and Yardley the vendor started his work.

    Time went by and more vendors sold their fine goods in Clearose, so it was necessary to rearrange the interior decoration and build up a place to rest from travelling the land.
    A Tavern was inserted in the basement.

    I am sure the history will continue soon ...