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    Intro  |  BagBall Rules  |  Asian BagBall  |  BagBall Links
    Let's get ready to RUMBLE ...
    Article on :
    A game which has its roots in the town of Spiritwood on the Europa shard, known as 'Bagball' has begun being played across Britannia. Several guilds now have their own official bagball teams, resplendant in their unique colours, with their own legions of fans who follow their team's progress throughout the realm.
    The game is played on a pitch approximately 23 paces long, 15 paces wide. It has a half-way line marked as well as two goal posts approximately 3 paces located at each end of the pitch. The game is played by two teams, each team comprising of four players. The 'ball' is a bag containing a large number of logs, so many that it is impossible to carry, but it is possible to drag and throw the bag short distances. The game starts with both teams on opposite sides of the pitch, near their own goal. The ball is placed at the centre of the half-way line, and both teams are then given the signal, after which play begins and both teams lunge toward the centre line, hoping to keep the bag on the opposition's side of the pitch as much as possible. Goals are scored by throwing the bag over the oppositions goal-line, having first thrown it on the line itself. This gives the opportunity for players to clear the bag before it is thrown over for a goal. A referee should be nominated, someone neutral to both teams, to confirm goals, judge foul-play, and decide when play begins and ends.

    IGM Talos' created BagBall-stadium on EUROPA
    (We won't forget you and what you did for us !)


    'AoS' screenshot of a BagBall-stadium found on gamespot