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    Intro  |  BagBall Rules  |  Asian BagBall  |  BagBall Links
    BagBall Rules
    The Teams :
    • Teams are formed of 4 players with 1-2 reserves
    • Each team has to elect their Captain (beeing the only one who is allowed to argue with the Referee)

    The Field :
    • It counts 15 feet width and 23 feet length (11 feet for each half + the center-line)
    • The goals are 3 feet width and 1 foot length (at each far end of the field right in the center)

    The official BagBall :
    • It is either a common bag or a crate/box
    • It has a weight of exact 1000 stones
    • It is colored in Yellow (the highlighting yellow-color)

    General Rules :
    • The overall match-time of 20 minutes is devided in 2 halfs of 10 minutes with a 3-5 minutes break.
    • The Referee starts the match dropping the BagBall in the center, when all players are lined up with a space of 5 feet from the center in their own half. (For the actual start the Referee gives a sign, like: "One ... Two ... Three ... GO!")
    • Each team will need its unique Team-dressing
    • To score a Goal, the Bagball must be dropped onto the goal-line before it can actually be dropped into the goal (to give the defense the last chance to avoid the Goal)
    • The match restarts after each Goal, or as soon as the play comes to halt due to too many people crowding around the ball thus preventing it being 'passed'
    • A maximum of 2 players from the defense are allowed either to stand in the goal or on the goal-line, if more do so it comes to a penalty.

    The Penalty :
    • If the Referee decides for a penalty, the BagBall will be dropped in the center and the penalty-causing team has to line up in front of the goal-line. As soon as the BagBall is played in their half, they are alowed to move.

    Illegal Actions :
    I. Not allowed Actions whitch may result in a disqualification of the player/team :
    • Agressive actions
    • Wearing Armour / Weapons
    • Using Magery
    • Using purple potions
    • To drop a 2nd bag
    • Trade window exchanges
    • If the Referee decides as such an action

    II. Not allowed Actions whitch result in a penalty :

    • Exessive Bagholding
    • Crowding the own goal with more than 2 players
    • Using potions (purple ones are absolutely forbidden)
    • Outside help from the audience
    • Exessive Cursing/Harassing (You may *emote* elbows in the face, knees in the groin and any amount of eye gouging and ear biting you wish)
    • If the Referee decides as such an action