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    Intro  |  Rules and Score
    Start of the match:
  • the Referee drops the 'Rat in a Jar' in the middle of the Neutral Zone
  • all teams must be behind the home Goal-line
  • the Referee gives a sign for the start
  • End of the match:
  • a team makes a Goal (reaching the stairs)
  • a player carrying the 'Rat in a Jar' dies in the home Goal-zone
  • all 'Pawns' are dead
  • the Referee declares the match at its end (mayhaps due to a penalty)
  • Expressions:
  • Neutral Zone : the area of the middle tower
  • Runway : the passage between the Neutral Zone and the Goal-line
  • Goal-line : the line between each Goal Zone and the Runway (the 2 crates)
  • Goal Zone : the area of each outer tower
  • The Goal : the area of the stairs from each outer tower

  • Generally not allowed are :
  • to re-enter the ongoing match after Death
  • looting stuff (besides the 'Rat in a Jar')
  • yellow/orange Potions (not yet decided about purple ones)
  • drinking Refreshment outside the home Goal Zone
  • Magery
  • Magic stuff of any type
  • Poisened Weapons
  • carry Items which might block (like a table/crate etc.)

  • The 'Goly'
    The Goalkeeper has some special privileges, aswell as some restrictions.
    The 'Goly' is allowed to:
  • wear Armour, Shield
  • use 2-handed Weapons
  • bandage-heal (himself and his team)
  • He is not allowed to :

  • carry the Jar (neither hold it in hands)
  • leave his goal-zone (onto the goal-line is the farest he can go)

  • The 'Pawn'
    These players can be compared to Pawns (chess). They look weak on first sight but they will decide how the battle is ending.
    A 'Pawn' is
    not allowed to :
  • heal (bandages/potions)
  • wear Armour (besides an Orc-helm/-mask to show his orcish nature)
  • wear an 'Evil Orc-helm'
  • use 2-handed weapons
  • carry the Jar in bagpack (must always be visible in the hand)
  • disarm or pass the Jar (the Rat is always only loyal to one person until he dies)

  • Score
    Full Score :  5 points
     (orcish: 'H' = Hand)
  • for a Goal - (goaling team scores)
  • for dieing in the home Goal-zone carrying the 'Rat in a Jar' - (opponend team scores)
  • Extra Score :  1 point
     (orcish: 'Wun')
  • for each dead opponent - (both teams score)
  • Penalty Score :  1-10 points
     (orcish: 'Wun'-'HH')
  • for each penalty - (opponent team scores)
    Referee decides in general (may cause the End of the game, which will be 10 points against the penalty causing team)